Brewer’s Blurb: Ah yes, the question that every brewery and taproom has heard many, many times over the last 5+ years. This whole sour business came up in a HUGE way in America and hasn’t really slowed down since. I personally(and probably a ton of other brewers/beer nerds) remember my very first sip of Duchesse De Bourgogne I had back in 2009. The very first time I set eyes on a Cantillon bottle or the first time drinking one of those massive bottles of Consecration from Russian River Brewing. While Kettle Sours are far different than those mentioned above both in taste and production, they still involve a process to be respected and looked at as it’s own rightful category. They fill a high desire in today’s consumer base: something light, crisp, tart, and drinkable. Absolutely no shame in the kettle sour game. This is a style of beer that has introduced so many new people to beer. You only drink cider? Try a kettle sour. You only drink wine? Try a kettle sour. It’s further proof that people are dead wrong when saying “I just don’t like beer. Not for me.” Beer is incredibly versatile - it’s flavor has such an enormous range that can suit anyone’s palate. You just gotta give it a chance!

Electric Apricot is an apricot kettle sour dry hopped Mosaic and Citra hops. Perfect for some of these hotter days SF has been experiencing! Let us know what you think! Here’s what we got this week:

Monday: Open 4-9pm for Metal Mondays with ya boiiii Adrian! Metal, punk, and lots of headbanging.

Tuesday: Open at 4pm for Taco Tuesday! We’re rolling out yet another installment of Taco Tuesday, but this time with Bayshore Taqueria! A bit more traditional than the island style that Chino Grande has offered, but this is a calculated offering we got going here. Why have the same vendor every week? Diversity is key! We’ll be trying to switch it up when we can to keep these Taco Tuesdays as #fresh as possible. Come hang out! Braves vs. Giants 6:45pm

Wednesday: Open at 3pm with our dude Nick bartending. If you don’t know Nick, you need to come by and chat with him. He’s easily the best looking employee of Harmonic. Braves vs. Giants 6:45pm

Thursday: Open at 3pm with the return of what’s probably our most prestigious pop-up: Pinoy Heritage. They won 2018 Pop Up of the Year from SF Eater. They won Best Non-Brick and Mortar in SF, Golden Gate Saucy Awards Night 2018. They’re simply incredible and will be with us on Thursday AND Friday. Filipino Street food with our beers is something you can’t miss!

AND IF THAT WASN’T ENOUGH! We’ll be releasing cans of the Apricot Sour called “Electric Apricot.”

Friday: Open at 2pm with the second run of Pinoy Heritage! Diamonbacks vs. Giants 7:15pm

Saturday: Open at 12pm with Fresh Catch serving up all kinds of seafood and more at 2pm! Oysters, lobster, shrimp, fish & chips, onion rings - they always have incredible stuff. Also did you know that you can order extremely fresh seafood from Fresh Catch and pick it up right here at Harmonic? Just go online to and place an order and then select your pickup location as Harmonic Brewing! Ordering is available for pickup every Wednesday from 3-9pm at Harmonic.

Sunday: Open at 1pm with El Chino Grande serving them Island Grindz at 2pm. Diamondbacks vs. Giants 1:05pm.