WAAAAAAAAARIORS. Wasn’t that Rockets/Warriors series all a little…easy? It was obviously a 6 game series, so most would say no, but at no point did it feel out of the Warriors control. Sure, Durant went down, but the Warriors have such an embarrassment of riches that it was almost refreshing to see Klay/Steph/Draymond work together like it was the year 2015 again. Sure, the Warriors are obviously better when they have the best player on the planet in the line up in Kevin Durant, but the Rockets having to switch up their entire gameplan to now deal with a different style of Warriors team like that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Excited to see this Blazers/Warriors series. Lillard is playing out of his mind and McCollum has turned into a beast out there. Portland makes rad beer. If you’re ever in Rip City(why do they call it that?), I highly recommend Upright Brewing and Breakside Brewing. Fantastic stuff! Ok, enough filler, here’s what we got this week:

Monday: Open 4-9pm with Adrian bartending and blasting punk and metal music

Tuesday: Open at 4-9pm with live bluegrass music by Bill Philippe with our owners Eddie and Jon playing bass and guitar! While we’re excited to have our guest appearances, this act is all about Bill Philippe and his take on the Blues genre. It’s not exactly what you’d expect. Think blues, but with a old country/folk/storytelling sort of vibe with instrumentation that emotes beauty and eeriness. Also it’s TACO TUESDAY. El Taquero will be serving from 5-9pm! GO WARRIORS. Blue Jays vs. Giants 6:45pm

Wednesday: Open at 3pm with Nick holdin’ it down! Come hang out for the Blue Jays vs. Giants game

Thursday: Open at 3pm with the return of a very special pop-up: Helenia! They’ll be serving a very special dish called “Laksa.” “What’s Laksa?” Thanks for asking! It’s a rich, coconut-base noodle soup from Borneo and it’s a rare find in SF. Like, literally only the chef of Helenia knows how to make authentic version of it, and ya pals at Harmonic Brewing are here to host it for ya. Get f*cking stoked, y’all. This is going to be a pop-up you can’t miss! We’ll also have Dogpatch Vinyl DJs spinnin’ rekkids at 6pm! Game 2 Blazers/Warriors!

Friday: Open at 2pm with El Chino Grande servin’ them Island Grindz and Nick and Molly bartending. Char siu pork belly, north shore garlic shrimp, and misoyaki Portuguese sausage sandwiches and rice bowls that you can also add a soft egg to. Absolute heaven. Game 3 of Warriors/Blazers! Giants vs. Diamondbacks 6:40pm

Saturday: Open at 12pm with Trilogi SF serving Poke Tostadas and more at 2pm. This will be their first time with us, so come give them a Harmonic welcome! Giants vs. Diamondbacks 7:10pm

Sunday: Open at 1pm for the return of Sunset29BBQ. Mike of Sunset29 BBQ is a long time friend of ours who specializes in “San Francisco Style BBQ.” Delicious tri-tip, rad BBQd chicken, and legit some of the best BBQd mushrooms I’ve ever had. He’ll be serving till 6pm, so come watch the Giants/Diamonbacks game at 1:10pm and throw down on some BBQ!