We’re known here at Harmonic for a few things: rad beer, great customer service, and a high level of food vendors. We’re going Warriors playoff-mode on everyone and stepping it up a notch this week by introducing the following: Taco Tuesdays, a new pop-up serving Laksa, and releasing 2 new beers in cans! We’re constantly amazed and proud of the chefs that are willing to work with us and what the beer industry continues to morph into. Never a dull week, y’all.

Here’s what we got going on:

Monday: Open 4-9pm with our boy Adrian tendin’ the bar and showing the NBA Playoffs and Giants vs. Padres.

Tuesday: Open at 4-9pm for the NBA Playoffs and Taco Tuesdays. Yep! It’s been a staple for most of your adult life: Taco Tuesdays with El Chino Grande is now making its way to the Dogpatch community. El Chino Grande, who has been making a flurry of appearances with us as of recent, is going to be serving elevated yet approachable and delicious tacos for all of you. Come get down with Diggs!

Wednesday: Open at 3pm with Nick bartending all night!

Thursday: Open at 3pm for an exciting new pop-up and CAN RELEASE! YES! We’ll be releasing both our Light of Day IPA and our Rye Old Fashioned IPA. Light of Day IPA is an easy drinking IPA featuring a hop we’re excited to familiarize ourselves with: Ella hops! Rye Old Fashioned IPA is a nuanced, smooth beer made inspired by the Old Fashioned cocktail that we all love. This beer is near and dear to our Brewmaster Eddie, so come and see why!

Starting at 5pm, we’re having Hele Nia, an extremely exciting new pop-up serving Laksa. “What’s Laksa?” Thanks for asking! It’s a rich, coconut-base noodle soup from Borneo and it’s a rare find in SF. Like, literally only the chef of Helenia knows how to make authentic version of i, and ya pals at Harmonic Brewing are here to host it for ya. Get f*cking stoked, y’all. This is going to be a pop-up you can’t miss!

Friday: Open at 2pm with Sip & Slide Food Truck serving all sorts of sliders starting at 4pm. Then we got some live music with Grandma’s Attic from 7-10pm. Grandma’s Attic is a really fun rock/funk/blues band that we have here pretty regularly. Come check em out! Live music, rad sliders, Warriors basketball, Giants baseball, and new beers on tap? Makes for a pretty bad ass Friday night in our books.

Saturday: Open at 12pm with El Chino Grande back at it with us starting at 2pm. Come day drink and pick up some 4 packs! GO DUBS!

Sunday: Open at 1pm! Come hang out with Nick and Diggs for some NBA Playoffs and Giants vs. Rockies!