No matter how many times you do your taxes, it never gets more enjoyable. You never walk away from it saying “Eh, not so bad!” You just don’t. Because it sucks. It’s a dark stain on the month of April. But luckily, we have a bunch of bad ass stuff going on this week! Another canning for 2 new beers, another El Chino Grande appearance, NBA Playoffs, Giants baseball, and a brand new pop-up with Harmonic! We really can’t say enough of how grateful we are for this start to 2019. We’re absolutely flying through beers. Somehow, even though we got a new 30 barrel fermenter back in February, we feel like we need 17 more. Thank you all so much for your support! Here’s what’s up this week:

Monday: Open 4-9pm. Y’all, it’s Tax Day. Just come drink a beer about it.

Tuesday: Open at 4pm-9pm. Diggs behind the bar! NBA Playoffs!

Wednesday: Open at 3pm. Giants vs. Nationals 4pm

Thursday: Open at 3pm with El Chino Grande bringin’ the grindz at 4pm. Giants vs. Nationals 4pm

Friday: Open at 2pm with Xingones Tacos at 4pm! They serve all the classics: asada, pollo, pastor, cod, veggie, but have you had their shrimp tacos?! DUDE, you gotta come try them because they are amazing!

CAN RELEASE: El Mero Mero Mexican Lager and Budos Pale Ale!
El Mero Mero making it’s triumphant return to Harmonic. Released during this past Beer Week, El Mero Mero was an instant hit with all customers/staff/local brewers. Crisp, crushable, and clean with a hint of lime from the use of Motueka in the dry hop.

Budos Pale Ale is a collab beer we did with the Budos Band ! A Pale Ale featuring Idaho 7 and Mosaic hops that drinks easy. Lovely flavors of tropical fruit, pine, and earthy/herbal notes. We love IPAs as much as the next person, but you can’t deny how unfuckwithable Pale Ales are. Assistant Raziel has already dedicated a barrel of the beer solely for himself. Come taste it before he drinks it all!

Saturday: Open at 12pm with Le Dix-Sept popping up at 1pm! They’re a brand new pop-up that’s botanically inspired pastry and confection company based in San Francisco, California. Giants vs. Pirates 4pm

Sunday: Open at 12pm. Happy Easter! Native Sons has risen and will be here to serve his legendary BBQ at 1pm! Pro-tip: get here extremely early. Like, before we even open. There will be a line out the door. We had people here around 11am last time and Native Sons was sold out by 3pm. Giants vs. Pirates 4pm. Come hang out with Nick and Diggs!