THIS IS THE WEEK. Our very first Comedy Night with SRGO Productions is this Thursday and it is all set to be a great time! Comedians, Southern food, and great beers to bring a new experience to our taproom. That paired with a Taco Tuesday, Warriors Playoff basketball, and our usual run of high level food vendors? Every day is a can’t miss!

Brewer’s Note: We’re starting out Tuesday by brewing Out on the Tiles, our customer-favorite Mosaic bomb IPA that goes down way too easy for a 7% beer. Mosaic is clearly one of the if not THE most popular hops in the beer world right now. There are so many trends you see in all walks of life be it in music, food, TV, advertisement, and sometimes it feels like it’s being overdone and played out. This just isn’t the case for Mosaic hops. Every. Single. Time. It absolutely slays with blueberry, pine, and citrus. We’re happy to showcase it with Tiles. It’ll be ready in a few weeks!

Monday: Open 4-9pm with Adrian bartending and blasting punk and metal music

Tuesday: Open at 4-9pm for Spike & Mike Jazz Trio and El Chino Grande’s tacos for our Rockin’ Taco Tuesday! Char Siu Pork Belly, North Shore Garlic Shrimp, Misoyaki Portuguese Sausage tacos. Giants vs. Rockies at 5:40pm.

Wednesday: Open at 3pm. Rockies vs. Giants 5:40pm. Nick is bartending!

Thursday: Open at 3pm for our very first Comedy Night with SRGO Productions! Come listen to short sets from comics like Sergio Novoa, Ann Chunharakchote, Mean Dave, Alyssa Westerlund, Jeremy Curry, Bernadette Luckett and Dan Aguinaga. We’ll also have Second Line food pop-up serving all sorts of ridiculous Southern Food as well!

Friday: Open at 2pm with Xingones Tacos coming back! Carne asada, carnitas, al pastor, cod, shrimp, just ALL the tacos! Tacos and beer goes insanely well together. You’ve probably done it a number of times and had no idea you were enhancing the flavors of both items. Try to the El Mero Mero with the shrimp taco or the Budos Extra Pale Ale with the carne asada! So so so so so good. If you see someone frantically eating tacos in the taproom on this day, know it is the writer of this paragraph.

Saturday: Open at 12pm with El Chino Grande’s serving them island grindz! Char Siu Pork Belly, North Shore Garlic Shrimp, Misoyaki Portuguese Sausage sandwiches and tacos. Add a fried egg on it to put your power level to over 9,000. Come get down for the Reds vs. Giants game.

Sunday: Happy Mother’s Day! We’re open at 12pm with the return of Working Class Heroes, a bakery pop up that is focused on fresh Phyllo dough, coming on by to serve at 2pm. Meat options as well as veggie options of course. Come hang out with Nick and Diggs!