Our last event of beer week :( But fear not! We are going out in style! We are bringing in a sweet lineup of live music and one of our favorite food vendors! The Big Band O' Brewers was thought up by our head brewer, Eddie Gobbo, and the idea is to get all our friends and favorite breweries together for something other than beer. Turns out a lot of these brewery folks play musical instruments as well! We will have brewers from all over the 7x7 in the house playing covers of your favorite songs, and maybe even a solo or two. This is a brewery collab like you have never seen before. Music kicks off at 5pm with the band of brewers playing all sorts of covers. The night ends with Fogbank Jazz playing that funk, soul, and Jazz until about 9pm. 

Food 2pm-9pm: Good To Eat Dumplings serving the best potstickers and bao in the Bay Area!