We are hosting the ultimate beer nerd event here at the brewery! The whole crew from Admiral Maltings is coming to the tap room to hang out with all of you to tell you about who they are and what they do. They are California's first and only malting facility and they use a very old technique of floor malting. They primarily use malts grown in California and it is the first time any local breweries in CA have had access to fresh malts. We will have 3 beers on tap featuring their malts, and they will be bringing in wort samples, malt samples, info sheets and more. Our entire brew team will be onsite as well, talking about our brewing system, techniques, and who we are. There will be 2 talks, one at 5pm and another at 7pm, both Admiral Maltings and Harmonic Brewing will be speaking and then answering any Q & A you might have! 

Food from 4pm-9pm: Chef Taylor Quimby is pairing the beer and the malt for a special beer themed meal. There will be pastrami sandwiches, and beer cheese fries. Do not miss this!