One fine day in Dogpatch, the 3 breweries in the neighborhood sat down over beers and talked about how great it would be to do another collaboration beer for Beer Week. We decided that the 3 breweries are so different that we needed 3 beers to really express ourselves, while following a common theme that ties all the beers together. To celebrate the beer release we have live music and some killer food!

Our decided upon theme: Using cannabis derived terpenes and at least 50% Admiral Maltings in the malt bill.

Our beer: A dry-hopped Saison using terpenes from Deadhead OG (no cannabinoids present). Our malt bill uses about 80% Admiral Maltings pilsner malt. 

Food: Good To Eat Dumplings 2pm-9pm

Live Music: Fogbank jazz, funk, and soul starting at 7pm